About Rachel

In 2012 I lost 20kg by doing the Michelle Bridges 12WBT. Along the way I taught myself to run & discovered I was actually pretty good at it! Besides that, I LOVED it – Everything! The challenge, the pain, the heavy breathing, the ache in my body, the satisfaction of finishing, setting goals, going further, the mental test it provides every single time, the hills, the thoughts that go through my head (positive & negative) & of course the running clothes, shoes & bling! To think that I was not a sporty person growing up & suddenly I was winning medals amazed me!

All of a sudden I was good at something, just like that! I didn’t set out to be a runner, just wanted to lose a bit of weight & get fit. Get myself healthy enough to keep up with my kids! Soon enough people started asking me…ME…for running advice & tips on becoming a runner! Who was I to give advice on running? So I set about immersing myself even more in the sport, I googled running advice, I read all the running mags & talked to everyone who would listen & answer my questions about running. I told people what worked for me when I was learning & passed on other advice I’d gotten from experts & more experienced runners.

More & more people started contacting me out of the blue, congratulating me on my ‘transformation’ & wishing they could do it. One night while I was running on the treadmill at the gym, I asked my friend “If I started a running group, do you think anyone would come?” Her answer “I would!”

So that’s how Rachel’s Runners was born! A thought turned into an idea, which turned into a few months of market research – finding out who would come, where would we run & how would I do it? 10 or so people the first time has turned into a group of 100+ members & sessions of up to 60 participants! Non-runners have learned to run 5k, 10k, half marathons!! And the biggest non-runner of all that started this whole thing off (me) is now training to run a marathon!!

In the meantime there’s been races, fun runs, singlets, medals, wristbands & the list continues to grow! The most amazing thing is that I didn’t know most of these people 12 months ago & now they are my great friends, my running family. They are the most supportive, caring, loyal, wonderful bunch of people I’ve met! I cannot imagine my life without them these days.

As we continue on our running journey together, we are ever evolving & so here we are – a blogging adventure begins! I hope to inspire, encourage, motivate, convince, support & just show everyone that anything is possible if you are determined enough to put a plan in action & see it through to the end. One of my favourite sayings sums it up perfectly ‘dream, believe, achieve’.



1 Comment on About Rachel

  1. Lovely to read this, Rachel!
    It was cool to finish those 42.195K in Hobart together. Maybe I’ll see you at other events as the year runs on….
    Over & out!

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