So a frustrating thing just happened to me. Soooooo frustrating. I turned up for my regular PT session, ready to work. We go to check my heart rate monitor about 5 mins into the session and its showing nothing. I jiggle with it a bit, still nothing. Never mind says my trainer, inside my head I’m thinking, never mind your never mind. I’m not paying you 80 bucks for me not to know how many calories I have burned.

Of course I know roughly how many calories I might have burned, as I turn up for this form of torture on a weekly basis. But it’s not the point is it. I need to know, it’s that feeling of satisfaction that you get at the end of the workout knowing exactly what you achieved.


I posted the incident on instagram, and my cousin referred to it as such a soul destroying moment. I thought to myself, thank goodness I am not alone and this happens to other people too. Sometimes there is a flip side to these malfunctions, where we have an equipment failure that seems to propel us to superhuman perhaps even superhero worthy efforts such as this one. Slightly more amusing, but still super frustrating as it just doesn’t give an accurate reflection of your workout. This one had me running just under 20km’s with an average pace of under 2 minutes, and if you look closely my run along the harbour incorporated a few dips too. If only I had a bike leg I probably would have done my first triathlon.


I am not sure why the need to validate the effort is so important. Whatever happened to just going for a run, without GPS and HRM and a map my run and a comprehensive training plan and all that stuff. I don’t know, I’m not from that era, I need to know! Maybe we could learn from the little people around us who just incorporate activity into everything they do, but what we probably really will do is whack on our HRM, wait impatiently for our GPS to load up and go, with a great sense of satisfaction at the end of a workout, especially if all your equipment worked.




2 Comments on Malfunction

  1. So true… Running is such a mental game that we pay with ourselves lol

  2. I always think it’s hilarious when we are all fiddling with our GPS apps/watches/devices as we start our runs on the weekends. And you know when someone is a runner when they are wearing one of those armbands!

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