Meet Kim

Kim Debono

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Kim Debono I am 43 years of age, I’m Married with 2 Kids a 21year old Daughter and a 16 Year old Son

Tell us a bit about you and running – how, when, why.

I started running right from the beginning of 2013 with Rachel’s Runners I have never really attempted to run until then. I find running to be the most challenging exercise I can do and this made me more determined to keep going. I am one of the slow runners in the group and I really love the fact it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you may be we are all in it together. The encouragement and team spirit is amazing in our group and everyone feels welcome.

What’s the best thing about running for you?

To achieve a goal I have never been able to do. I love entering in fun runs with Rachel’s Runners at the end there is always Rachel and the girls cheering you on across the finish line, it’s such a great feeling when you have achieved what you set out to do

What’s your favourite running equipment?

My Nike app I use every time I run it is great to be able to look back on the achievements I have made with running.

I never go on a long run without my Rachel’s Runners arm band for some reason I need this to look at when I feel like stopping

What is the most challenging thing for you about running?

The most challenging thing to me is to be even able to run. Before I started with Rachel’s runners I could not even run for 5 min straight. I still find running a challenge and I am quite slow but I have achieved distances I never thought I could ever do. The most to date I have run is 16km. I still have a lot more to achieve with my running.

If you could invent a running or fitness tool or toy what would it be

One tool I would like to invent is a navigator for my running app to tell me where to run too.

Any tips for fellow runners

If you want to “STOP” don’t, I remember Rachel telling me this from the beginning and I have never forgotten this.



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