Rachel’s Runners Fun Run Thanks

Rachel’s Runners as a group started at the beginning of 2013. Initially it was just an idea I had to get a bunch of interested people out for some sunshine, fresh air and to learn that anyone can run. Over the year it evolved and continues to do so now. One of the things that quickly became a tradition is the end of round Fun Run. On Saturday 19 of April we had our first Fun Run for 2014.

Early on Fun Run mornings, Diala (my 2nd in charge/2IC), myself and a group of other lovely Rachel’s Runners members who volunteered, head down to the track to get ‘race ready’. Like a well-oiled machine we go about setting up the registration desk, the prize table and the drink station.

Race bling

Winners’ medals

rego desk

Registration Desk

These days are always special. They look special. They sound special. They feel special. In fact, they are all about making everyone feel special. The way it works is that we celebrate everyone. Sure, we have finish times and winners’ medals, but we also have prizes for every participant and we cheer every runner over the line and through the finishing tape. These days are a special event in which everyone who participates in our weekly runs can celebrate their successes in relation to where they started, not the person ahead of them, behind them or the person coming first. Not the person who has been running the longest or has the most knowledge about running. It’s about people proving to themselves that they have worked hard to get to where they are and that they should be proud, they deserve to feel proud of themselves and their achievements.


Female place getters – Amy Jennifer & Lisa.

In the early days of the Rachel’s Runners (RR) Fun Run, Diala and myself organised everything – the collection of entry fees, the medals, the buying and packaging of prizes, the registration process, the sign on desk, the start line, the finish line, the drinks, the certificates, the timing, the photos, list goes on and on!! As the group has grown and the word of this special milestone has spread, more people have become involved in this process. We now have a large bunch of people that this special day could not happen without.

This year we are lucky enough to have some great sponsors to help support our group and our fun run.

We would like to give a shout out and massive thank you to…

Nathan Performance Gear (Australia)

Health Management Group / Compressport Australia

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

Southside Runners

– Body Science Australia

Health World Limited/Endura Sports Nutrition

PowerAde Australia / Coca-Cola Australia

I would also like to personally thank all of the volunteers, both behind the scenes and on the ground. There are groups of people who run different areas of RR now including, merchandisers, events, sponsorship, bloggers and fundraising. These people along with those who help out to run the weekly RR sessions and assist with fun runs are true treasures. Without their help & support in organising this group, I would be an extremely busy (and probably crazy) woman. Thanks a bunch everyone x


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1 Comment on Rachel’s Runners Fun Run Thanks

  1. Therese glover // April 30, 2014 at 9:04 pm // Reply

    I have never been a runner and every time I tried it I would never last. On Australia Day I was at a party and I heard about Rachel’s Learn to run class and now 3 months in I’m running 3 days per week. Thanks to Rachael, Diala and all the crew for your support on fun run day I got a ‘Quiet Achiever’ award which was unexpected everyone was celebrated on the day. It’s a great initiative and you are inspiring people all over Sydney. Thanks Team RR.

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