Meet Bec

Its time to introduce another one of our fabulous Rachel’s Runners . Rebecca Collins seems to come have very far very fast to me, and is about to run along the Great Ocean Road soon on the Rachel’s Runners road trip in the half marathon – an amazing achievement. Keep up the amazing work Bec !

Tell us a bit about yourself.

 Ok here goes… I’m fairly easy going, funny, loyal, social very stubborn and very competitive.

I love my friends and family – and I’m one of those weird people that like spending time with the fam.

I love to travel, and lived overseas for just over a year. I spend the first 15 of my working years in the land of finance in very large companies, but can now be found in a little office working for our own Electrical business.

I’ve been married 10 years to Adam, who puts up with all my crazy. I have three boys, Harry is 7, Ben is 4 and Will is 21 months. They are beautiful, caring, exhausting, crazy active boys…who don’t leave me much in the tank at the end of the day….but fill the house with lots of laughter.

I’m a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend, a runner…and probably a lot of other things I cannot remember and am too polite to type!!

Bec Collins

Tell us a bit about you and running – how, when, why.

How –  no idea, still trying to work that one out myself (-:

When – I started running sporadically about 11 months ago, with the City2 surf in mind. I suppose when I really started running was October 13 when I joined the sensational Rachel’s Runners. And I ran my first half in January with the girls. Was very happy with that!!

Why –    I’ve always been an active person, playing netball & basketball my whole life – and trying pretty much everything at least once. Running came about for two main reasons:

  1. Stress relief and that little half hour all to myself outside of the house. As you can appreciate with 3 boys, my house is a little CRAZY… so this is my little bit of me time.
  2. I have a condition that absolutely wreaks havoc on my body and hormones. Until I had kids, I kept it under control with lots of activity. Since my boys, I’m really time poor…I’ve found that running, and continually pushing myself gets my heart rate up and body moving quicker than any other exercise (in a short time frame).

What’s the best thing about running for you?

Even though my body doesn’t look much different, I am ridiculously fitter. I love that. My netball game hasn’t been this good since my early 20s!! Also the social side of it. I’ve made some great friends in the short time I’ve been with this group.

What’s your favourite running equipment?

My shoes?? I don’t have much, as it’s still new for me….but I did just purchase a Nike watch… so stay tuned, as this might just be my new fav!!

What is the most challenging thing for you about running

Being consistent. With my life it’s hard to stick to a timetable or plan. Also staying positive …. As it doesn’t get any easier; you just get better at it!! You just have to keep pushing yourself and setting challenges. I have to keep reminding myself that some runs feel great, some don’t – and that’s ok.

Any tips for fellow runners

Nike sums it up pretty well… Just do it! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, just keep moving and have fun.


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