Flashback- Rachels Runners Field 2. 2013.

I must be feeling unusually nostalgic, so I dug through my phone at lunchtime yesterday and found an old message exchange between what was then a slightly nervous and relatively unfit non-runner, and someone I now realise was also probably slightly nervous, though much fitter woman, who had found her running feet and was determined to help others to find theirs as well.


At the time I had just returned to work full time after maternity leave and was also studying full time. My life was not going as planned with lots of things going on out of my control and stressing me out, I was juggling lots of balls and dropping a few, so I decided I needed to set myself a fitness orientated goal to ensure that I did some exercise. I came across Rachel’s Runners through two different friends, thanks Anni and Bronwyn, decided to give it a go and set my goal of running 5k.

So after “thinking about it” for a while I finally sent a message to Rachel, who kindly responded with all the information I needed. I remember feeling quite anxious about turning up that first day, but decided I was going anyway. I still remember laughing to myself when I got a last minute message from Rachel, telling me to bring a towel and a water bottle. Well if that’s all I need to learn to run then I will be okay I thought, I have heaps of those things!


While I won’t say I always love running, it has become something I love. It was great to see my ability to run improving week after week and while I never thought I would be able to run the whole 5k when I did my first RR fun run, I dug deep, sucked it up and did it. I came last but at that point I really didn’t care. I had achieved my goal and I could run 5k.

Everyone in the group is different and through RR I have had a chance to meet some truly lovely and amazing people who I am sure I will be friends with for life. For me running is a form of exercise. I would love to be able to run a bit further, maybe 10k. Speed is totally not my thing, so you will pretty much always find me at the back of the pack. I find the idea of races and “fun runs” quite stressful, so you won’t find me entering a whole heap of them. Should you ever find me on a podium, it’s highly likely I’ve tripped over it and you should probably stop to help me up.

The bit I do love is the good feeling all day after you have had an early morning run and the amazing people I have met through RR. I am taking a break from running at the moment, thanks to an Achilles injury, but can’t wait until I start again. In the meantime, there’s always a bike, a pool or the gym.

It’s time for Field 2 to start this weekend, with new runners, new friendships to form, new distances to conquer and a whole lot of fun to be had. Best of luck everyone. I am so personally thankful to have come across this group, and if you know anyone who is sitting on the fence, encourage them to read this and go along. I will be watching from the sideline, itching to join in and hoping you all have the best time like I have had x


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