Why do YOU run?

Why do you run? What made you take up running in the first place? What keeps you lacing up and getting out there? Rachel’s Runners recently had the opportunity to enter a competition by answering the question “What made you decide to learn to run?” The responses were so varied and fabulous, that I had to share. Enjoy!!

“I have always been scared of running and told myself I couldn’t do it. I was busting my butt at boot camp after boot camp trying lose weight for my wedding, but no matter how many tyres I flipped, dragged and ran in sand with nothing could change my plateau. I finally bit the bullet. attacked my fear head on and turned to running.” – Amanda

“…to be able to keep up with my husband and son. Now I compete alongside them both.” – Kay

“…for ‘me time’ and to lose my stubborn weight.” – Rebecca

“To take my training to the next level and lose weight.” – Michelle

I never thought I could be a runner but I signed up anyway so my friend Diala would stop hassling me.” – Kelly

To help with my anxiety and be a better version of me. Rachel’s Runners is one of the most life changing experiences ever! I feel alive!!!” – Tania

I am running for charity in the City 2 Surf so figured I had better start training as I was running for a cause!” – Donna

On the 12wbt website, I saw a post about a new group starting up in my local area. I loved the idea of “learning” to run, as I physically & mentally felt I had never gained the basic skill. I am forever grateful to my Yoda (Rachel) & all my friends I have made along the way.” – Sarah

To set a great example for my son and show him that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance. Also because I love talking to people and loved the idea of joining a social group and eventually meeting some of my very best friends including our Yoda!” – Diala

Body, Mind & Soul.” – Stephanie

I used to be a sprinter in high school and always avoided long distance running like the plague! The furthest I would run would be 200m. But in 2011 I entered the Sutherland 2 Surf, aiming to walk the 11km, burn some calories and enjoy the atmosphere. But when I was out there and saw most of the other people running, I decided to give it a try. I thought to myself, “If they can do it, why can’t I?” So I jogged/walked/jogged/walked to the finish line and it felt amazing! I didn’t know I could do it. I was on a “runner’s high” for the next 2 days!! And the rest is history.” – Melissa

The idea of me being a runner was so ludicrous. I may as well have said ‘I want to be a unicorn!’ I committed to the first session and was surprised I didn’t die. I got excited about seeing what I could do.” – Katharine

I had a friend who I went to school with (a very long time ago) who started a running group and said to me why not come along. So I did and this group helped me believe I could run and achieve any goal that I set out to do in running. I can now say I am a runner! Thanks Rachel for the encouragement to start running.” – Bronwyn

“Broke my leg in 4 places a couple of years ago leaving me with a limp that would not budge! My physio said to start running to break up the scar tissue. My friend Lisa introduced me to Rachel.The limp is now gone and my first half marathon completed in May 2014! Thank you so much girls.” – Leigh-ann

“To prove to myself that I could. Also because it’s something my training buddy loves and she’s been there for me through so much that I wanted to give back a little.” – Kate

I started running (again) because its too fffreezing cold to swim!” – EJ

I had had a yearning for many years to learn to run. Why? I have no idea, I just know that it was there… in the background… waiting patiently. When I had lost a few kg through diet changes alone, I then found out about the Couch 2 5K app (there was really only one a few years ago)… downloaded it, and the rest is history. It was a long hard slog, but I was determined. I took it slowly, sometimes repeating whole weeks when the required intervals weren’t happening easy. It did take me a while, but I eventually got there. While doing that (I was about 2 weeks in) I made the sudden decision to join Michelle Bridges’ 12WBT and have never looked back! 47kg gone… a few back on now, but they are on the way off again as I find some balance in life. I credit both 12wbt and learning to run with the new lease on life. I have had many setbacks, including the major one of having MS progression that means I can’t fulfil that dream of a half marathon, ever… but that is OK because I am finally at a place of peace, and am about to embark on the learn to run program again.” – Tracey

I loved running when I was a kid. A few years ago I started cross country training with my boys but couldn’t keep up with them and told myself I couldn’t do any more than the warm up 1km. I’m here to change this. In 11 weeks time I’m going to run RR’s 5km fun run. Woohoo!! Bring it on!” – Larah

“I’ve never enjoyed running – overweight growing up and as an adult I was always out of breath and felt silly trying to run so  I just didn’t. Then I did 12wbt and lost some weight and decided to give running a try even if it was 1/2 a lamp post running. I stuck at it and little by little I got further and further without stopping and heaving up a lung. There began my running journey. I remember the struggle of beginning like it was yesterday but boy oh boy it was a struggle worth having. I’ve fulfilled goals I never thought possible.” – Keren

I had never ever been able to run in my life. My youngest child started school and suddenly I was all alone, so I joined Rachel just to get out of the house on Thursdays. At first it felt so hard and I was sooo sore and ‘learning to run’ felt like a procedure. Then one day, and I still remember that moment, I just realised I was actually running! At that moment I ignored Runkeeper’s interval sand off I went! A little after that turning point, I ran my first 5km non-stop at the Oatley Park Fun Run and realised that this was the first achievement I had reached for myself since being a mum. Running has given me so much and also freed me from many things. I LOVE RUNNING! Run for fun. Run to achieve. Run to relieve stress. Run your emotions out. Run with your heart.” – Ev

“I too came to running via Rachel’s Runners, via 12wbt. I rocked up to the first 8am session and haven’t looked back since. I do it for me time, cardio fitness and friendship. All of which helped me get to a place of strength last year where I was able to make a major change in my life that had been a long time coming.” – Anni

I only run as I have to earn my beers and delude myself that one day I’ll be able to keep up with Rachel “queen bee” Allworth.” – Michael (my husband!)

Just to see if I actually can, because for so long I have convinced myself I can’t…” – Lea

I started running as there is one very special person who within 12 months of me meeting her at our boys’ school lost all this weight. So I asked her what was her secret? She started to tell me her life story of all the diets she had tried and not one worked for her. Then she thought what the heck I will try 12wbt and fell in love with running. This lovely friend of mine, Rachel, asked me to join her running group. Well to my surprise I fell in love! Not to just the running, but my hour of freedom.” – Naomi

I started running because I had always told myself I couldn’t run. Hubby laughed when I told him I was going to start running and that just finalised it! I want to challenge these pockets of negative self talk I have because over the years I have told myself I couldn’t ski (learned how to do that last year), drive a manual car or do maths. Yet I have mastered most of those things over the years. I wanted to see if it would be the same with running. I’m not quite there yet, but something good is going on!!” – Sharon

Rachel’s Runners Learn to Run Group, Field 2 2014


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