The Road to the Marathon – Take 2

Earlier this year you may recall that I ran my very first marathon along Australia’s Great Ocean Road. The lead up was full of twists and turns and quite an adventure. The marathon itself was the ‘victory lap’ and ended with me wondering if I should run another this year.

For a while afterwards I was undecided as to if I should do the Blackmores Sydney Marathon or not. After all, it’s run in my home town and falls on the first weekend of the Spring school holidays so it’s almost perfect, right? I felt opportunity knocking, but the thought of all the training was a bit of a deterrent and I ‘settled’ on running the Half Marathon instead.

However, last week this decision was all of a sudden taken out of my hands because I won an entry into the Sydney Marathon! SKINS Australia held a competition on their Facebook page to select 15 recruits to run for their brand in the Half Marathon or Marathon. So why can’t I still do the half marathon I hear you ask? Well, to win the entry I had to say why I would make a good SKINS recruit and my entry will answer your question –

“I am already entered in the half marathon, but if I’m selected as a SKINS recruit I will run the Marathon.”

So of course, I was picked! At first I felt nervous, but now I am excited! I have decided that I will blog more about this journey to the marathon as last time I felt drained doing the whole lot at once after the event.  It was like doing all the training and running the marathon at once, altogether – exhausting! I hope you will all join me for what will no doubt be another eventful trip, a trip towards my second marathon.

Watch this space…

Marathon number 2 is happeneing!

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2 Comments on The Road to the Marathon – Take 2

  1. Kath Crispin // July 26, 2014 at 9:06 am // Reply

    Nothing like having those decisions taken out of your hands! Looking forward to following this with you, only 8 more weeks!

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