Rachel’s Runners & Runlab at Runnulla

Happy runners!

Last week a group of us from Team Rachel’s Runners were treated to a very special night full of inspirational running stories!

My friend Damon from Runlab Sutherland & Runlab Cronulla organised a great event for us at Runnulla, a specialist running shoe store based in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney.

Our speakers for the night.

Our speakers for the night.

First up on the agenda was Kerry Bray, one of the founders of Sydney based running club, Woodstock Runners. She filled us full of stories on how she got the club up and  ‘running’ with just a few members and without the help of the social media that we have these days! It was a long process, but this group is now well known around the running circuit and I often see their members when I am in races. Kerry also told us about how she played an important role in the Sydney Olympics and helped develop and run the volunteer program for this epic event in Sydney’s history. Kerry is a true running legend!

Happy runners!

Happy runners!

Next up was Commonwealth Games and Olympic athlete, Eloise Wellings whom we met a few weeks ago on our blog. At our special event last week, she told us of her childhood dreams of becoming an Olympic runner and how she worked so hard to make those dreams come true. Eloise also told us a special story about meeting another Olympic runner from Uganda Julius Achon, whilst on a trip overseas. His back story is one of war and devastation. You can read more about Julius, Eloise and their foundation Love Mercy that they have since developed together on their website. The story is well worth listening to and definitely one that will put life’s hardships in perspective. Well it did for me anyway!

Finally, we listened to Runnulla’s owner Sean, speak about getting the right footwear for your feet. As runners we all know it’s not about the nicest looking shoe, even though we’d all love a colour to match every outfit! Sean was very knowledgeable on how to get the perfect running shoe fit, so if you’re ever in Sydney, look him up!

We will hopefully bring you more from these fabulous runners in the future. In the meantime, stay tuned for new Runlab sessions popping up all over Sydney in the very near future. I can’t wait!



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