Running Duds Review

If you haven’t seen Running Duds yet, please say hello to “The Mavis“…

The Mavis

The Mavis


These VERY colourful shorts are made from a light weight polyester fabric, almost like a very thin version of quick dry swimming shorts material, which means they have a water repellent finish. There is an elastic waistband as well as a decent length drawstring.

Inside the shorts is an internal pocket which is large enough to fit a key, some money and possibly even your license if so needed. There is also an option of buying these shorts with an internal liner (built in underwear) or without.

These shorts are more of a loose fit style and they are a touch longer at the back of the legs. They are machine washable and made in Australia by an Australian owned company.


My duds


As a runner who prefers to wear shorts to run in, especially during the warmer weather, I am constantly on the look out for the perfect pair. I haveΒ thought on more than one occasion that I had found them, but now I’ve tried Running Duds, I don’t think I will search anymore. These running shorts are by far my favourite shorts to run in!

Of course first impressions are important and I absolutely LOVE the bright, vibrant colours of Running Duds. I found it really difficult to choose which pair to get as all of the patterns available are just as colourful as each other. In the end I decided on ‘The Mavis’ design as I felt they could match any colour top I decided to wear with them and they have not let me down.

When I first felt the fabric of these shorts I was a little surprised as they did not feel like any of the other running shorts I had worn before. As mentioned in the description, they are made from a water repellent polyester material, similar to swimming shorts. This may sound strange to you (as it was to me at first), but now I have tried them, the material is perfect. It is super soft, moves nicely with your body and wicks sweat away so you feel dry at all times, even if running longer super sweaty distances. Another of the advantages of this fabric, is that when you run and obviously your legs are moving, it does not get caught up between your legs or cause any chafing – a big thumbs up right there!

One of my favourite features of my duds is the liner (built-in underwear). I always like to have the liner in my running shorts as I feel in provides a bit of extra ‘cover’ if my shorts decide to fly up at any point. However, in some shorts I’ve worn before, the liner can be quite small and end up cutting into me, making me uncomfortable as well as having more than one visible ‘undies line’. In Running Duds I found the liner to be a very decent size. It does not cut in and covers everything that needs to be covered and does so very well and comfortably. If you are someone who does not like built in underwear in your running shorts, the great news is, when you order your Running Duds you can choose to have them made without the liner if that’s your preference. How good is that? I also love that these shorts are a bit longer at the back than at the front. This enables your legs to move freely at the front without feeling like you’re showing off everything you’ve got in back πŸ˜‰


Love my Running Duds!

I have worn these shorts now over a variety of distances and have found them as equally fab during a half marathon as in a 5km run around the streets. I really love everything about them. The biggest and only problem I’ve had with my Running Duds is not being able to wear them because they are in the wash! Guess that means my next problem will be, which ones to choose to buy next!!

WhichΒ duds will you choose? Head to to check out the awesome range and grab yourself some colour. With free postage to anywhere in Australia and $10AU flat rate anywhere else worldwide, what’s not to love? Let me know what you think!

PS – They come in women’s AND men’s styles, so don’t feel left out fellas!!

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