Women Make it Happen at parkrun and with Love Mercy

On an ordinary Saturday morning you will find the Rachel’s Runners crew down at our very own track in Milperra, South West Sydney. Today however, we ventured to our local parkrun event to help celebrate International Women’s Day. Our friend Australian Olympic runner Eloise Wellings spoke about her fabulous charity Love Mercy and with the help of our Runlab coach Damon Bray, put our runners through some great warm up drills and running technique tips.



The parkrun course at Menai has a few more hills than that of our regular course, but the ladies did their best to ‘make it happen’ which is the theme of International Women’s Day this year. We had a really fun and inspiring morning.


Whilst on the subject of women making it happen, Eloise is one young lady doing just that. Not only does she work extremely hard to be the best at her chosen sport of running, including being current National 10km champ and winning her first ever half marathon in Japan last month, but she is also making it happen for a whole lot of other women. Her charity Love Mercy Foundation has a program called Cents for Seeds, which sees donations used to loan women in Northern Uganda up to 30kg of seeds. These women also receive a hand held gardening tool and educational workshops on agriculture, empowering them to provide for their families as well as giving back to their own communities as their crops’ seeds are then used to pay back their initial loan and the extra used for others who join the program. You can find out more about it here and in the clip below.

Love Mercy are currently looking for ambassadors for their Cents for Seeds program to help empower more women in Uganda and to continue to reduce poverty. A Cents for Seeds Ambassador is someone who is able to:

  • GIVE a tax-deductible donation of $30 per month to enable 12 women to participate in Cents for Seeds each year.
  • SHARE the C4S journey with others using the shareable content provided by Love Mercy.
  • PROMOTE the work of Love Mercy in their sphere of influence where possible and appropriate.

If you would like to be one of the first ambassadors for this fantastic project and help other women ‘make it happen’, you can sign up here. In the meantime, meet Jospine, the lovely lady I am helping out. A 41 year old mother, just like me…

IMG_1387 IMG_1388

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