Rachel’s Runners 5158 Challenge for Bravehearts

Rachel’s Runners have a new challenge in their sights and are aiming to help protect our children along the way. Next month we will tackle the enormous task of covering 5158km in a week as a team as a fundraiser for Australian charity Bravehearts, whose key purpose is to educate, empower and protect Australian kids from sexual assault.

One of our running buddies Ian Richards is running the 7-7-7 marathon challenge with Bravehearts in June this year to support their work for child protection in our community. By supporting Bravehearts we are helping to educate, empower and protect our children, so that those who might prey on them are isolated, exposed and stopped. 1 in 5 Aussie kids experience sexual assault before their 18th birthday. This is simply unacceptable.

To do our bit as a community we have developed this 5158 challenge & would love for you to join us!

The aim of this virtual walk/run/ride/row is to get as many people as possible on board to help us collectively cover 5158km in one week – the distance Ian will be flying between each of his 7 marathons in 7 days around Australia -> Perth – Adelaide – Melbourne – Hobart – Canberra – Gold Coast (Kingscliff, NSW + Gold Coast Marathons).

All entrants will receive some special bling (i.e. a participant medal) and the satisfaction of having worked as a team to not only cover the kilometres but also having helped spread the word about Bravehearts and the great work they do to look after Aussie kids.

This event can be done wherever you are in the week April 12 – April 19, and there is no minimum distance to be covered. Your contribution might be 1km, 100km or anywhere in between.

Entry fee is $30AU which includes your participant’s medal, postage & donation to Bravehearts. You can enter by completing the online registration form in the Facebook event here. After you’ve submitted the form a pop up box will give you bank details to which you can send your payment. Please leave your name as a reference when paying.

We hope to have many of you help us out for the challenge. Please invite your friends and family too so we can tackle this together!

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