Outside the comfort zone .. Is the journey complete ?

So for those of you    that follow this blog I have been updating you sporadically on the journey I decided to take outside of my comfort zone. Well I am rather pleased to let you know that the goal of this little exercise was well and truly achieved two weeks ago ( my life has been a bit crazy so sorry to take so long to fill you in) when I entered the Triathlon pinks long course at Parramatta which consisted of a 300 m swim, a 9 km bike ride and 3 km run.

For me this was a twofold thing, do something different and keep on top of exercising . I think it’s really helpful in ife to set goals, I find it much easier to get on with something when I know what the prize is at the end. A lot of my reasoning was wanting to keep up with an exercise plan, which for me means getting up at ridiculous hours of the morning to work around my job and family . It’s hard to get up at 4.30 in the morning a couple of days a week, but made easier when you know you can’t skip too many training sessions because you are committed to an event.

It’s funny how things pan out. Despite a little bit of anxiety for my first ever Tri, I went into things feeling pretty good. There was a tips and tricks clinic on the afternoon before the race which was super helpful for someone who had no idea and helped me answer all of my logistics questions.

My rather lovely family came along on the day, dropped off me and Dora ( my trusty wheels ) and then took themselves off to find some breakfast . I racked my bike, sorted my gear and headed over to the pool. It’s funny as I was really quite confident about the pool , but after a rather delayed start I found the swim leg really tough. There were so many people in the pool , the water was as choppy as the ocean and I found it really disorienting. I ended up doing a mix of strokes to keep my head above water so I could work out where I needed to be. But that bit was over pretty quick and it was onto the bike leg.



I did have to run a few hundred meters in my swimmers, which I am sure was as traumatic for spectators as it was for me, but it was a quick donning of some pants .. (well as quick as one can get a pair of tights on wet legs ) and I am also quite confident I was the only person who sat down to put their shoes and socks on , but whatever I was ready to go. Go was walk your bike over a bridge and get on and go. There was one hill on the three lap course, so I hated that all three times, but apart from that and some slippery feet I survived my bike leg just fine. I even smiled at my super support crew and waved ( I have only just mastered removing my hand off a handlebar while the bike is moving).


Ditch the bike and start running. I had quite a few weeks of brick practice (the triathlon art of doing one thing after another )which I was so glad I did. I had absolutely no worries about the run, while I am a slow and steady participant not once did I ever feel like I wasn’t going to be able to finish. It’s funny as the few “proper ” events that I have run I often find myself super anxious about what time I am doing , and for me how slow I am. This time I was running naked ( earphones /iPods are banned in triathlons) and I don’t have a super smart watch as I can’t justify the cost of what I want . So it was a free and easy trot for me all the way.

I got to see Eliza and Sherry running , and was almost at the finish line when my lovely Team RR Justine Hunter doubled back after her own event and spurred me along the last little bit, it’s really lovely to have some smiling faces out on the course . My 7 year old ran through the finish with me and it was all done. I am so glad I have had this to focus on for a few months, and am really pleased I put myself out of my comfort zone to get there. I am definitely doing more of these, and the next goal is to do the next one faster. I would really encourage anyone who might be feeling they are in a bit of a rut to set a goal to work towards , whether it’s an event like I did or whatever might work for you.


Alex x





2 Comments on Outside the comfort zone .. Is the journey complete ?

  1. Thanks for this Alex and good on you for setting and achieving the challenge. I too, set thePinkie Tri as a goal to crack this year but realised with my added work commitments this year that I really wasn’t prepared(a lot like I feel right now a week out from theCanberra 10 km). But I have reassessed and this isn’t the year of magic times for me it is simply the year of doing, hopefully I will make the Tri in October .
    Well done you for what you have achieved.

  2. Justine Hunter // April 5, 2015 at 11:55 am // Reply

    Your an inspiration Alex! Later this year, thanks to you, I’m setting a goal outside my comfort zone! I’ll keep you posted! 😘

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