Cordskinz Review

Earlier this year a couple of our runners were given the opportunity to review a product new to the market called Cordskinz. This product consists of two strips of tubing that are split down one side to allow you to fit your earphone cords in place using the special tool provided so that they do not get tangled up whilst wearing. Here’s what the girls had to say about their experience with Cordskinz… 

Katie said:

The Cordskinz are advertised specifically to reduce the annoying tangling of headphone cords. This product certainly ensured this did not happen. I used this product while running and also cycling and it kept my headphones perfectly untangled. I also found the applicator extremely useful and made it super easy to thread the Cordskinz on the headphones.

However, the only disadvantage was that when it was windy, the added weight of the Cordskinz on the headphones meant they were prone to blowing out of my ears, which was exceedingly frustrating. I would recommend this product, however would advise against use in windy conditions.

Arleen said:

It’s a little tricky to get the earphones into the Cordskinz the first couple of times but once you work it out it’s very easy to do. The tubing can be cut to size to suit most lengths of earphones including those that have a microphone or volume switch built in. The only drawback being that once cut they can’t be used on another style or type of headphone. I also tried them on a pair of flat cable earphones I had but they didn’t work as well as the flat cable doesn’t sit all the way inside the tube.

I found that the cable didn’t tangle whilst running or walking & there was no difference in the comfort or sound functions of my earphones. As well as your standard colours of black & white they also come in lots of other bright colours to co-ordinate with your active wear!

To find out more about Cordskinz and to purchase some of your own, you can head to their website –

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