20,000km in 20 Days Challenge for Love Mercy

In 2013-14 we introduced you to Australian Olympian Eloise Wellings and her foundation Love Mercy. We have worked with Elzy and Love Mercy on a couple of occasions now to help them raise money for their Cents for Seeds program, which is helping to break the cycle of poverty in Northern Uganda. This year we bring you a new challenge to get involved in and it’s set to get you moving!


The Love Mercy Foundation’s major program Cents for Seeds, is an agricultural program empowering women to provide for their families through education, training and a loan of 30kg of seeds. With currently close to 5000 women participating, Eloise has seen first hand the impact that such a simple program can have. “Cents for Seeds literally changes entire communities. By targeting women, we have seen incredible results, as the women are primarily responsible for their children, for meals, education, and medical care. When you give a mum the ability to earn an income, she will most likely always spend that income on the wellbeing of her family. More children are happier, healthier, and better educated following this program in an area with limited government or charity support.”

The great thing about the Cents for Seeds program is that it is fully sustainable. Not only do the women grow the crops for their own family use and to sell at market, but at the end of the season they give back the initial loan of 30kg of seeds. This then enables another woman and her family an entry into the program. Such a fantastic and innovative idea!

So how can you help? $30AUD is what it costs to put one woman through the Cents for Seeds program, and the team at Love Mercy have set themselves a goal to have 20,000 Ugandan women involved by the year 2020. At Rachel’s Runners, we have devised a challenge to help the foundation reach its goal. As a collective, we have set our own big goal to cover 20,000km in 20 days and whether you run, walk, ride, swim, row or roll you can help us get there!

From 19 February until 10 March you can help contribute to our 20,000km total for Love Mercy by entering our event and logging your kilometres for the 20 days. To sign up you can follow one of the links below, where you find details on how to register and pay for this great event. Your entry fee will go towards Love Mercy’s 20,000 women in Cents for Seeds by 2020 and you will also receive a Love Mercy running singlet, which you can wear whilst out clocking up your distance. We hope you’ll join our team!

When: 7pm, 19 February, 2016 – 7pm, 10 March, 2016

Where: Wherever you are!

Entry Fee: $40AUD which includes a Love Mercy singlet

Register: Here -> Rachel’s Runners 20,000km in 20 Days Challenge for Love Mercy

or via our Facebook event -> https://www.facebook.com/events/195713667448557/


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