Keep Running Through Winter

In Sydney, Australia this Autumn we have been very lucky to experience near Summer temperatures. With very little wind or rain, beautiful sunshiny days and less humidity, these perfect running conditions have been welcomed and of course we made the most of them. However, staring down the barrel of Winter’s commencement next week and with our first few chilly mornings this week, things are about to get tricky! If you want to keep up your running during the coldest months of the year, but think you might have trouble dragging yourself out of your cosy bed in the morning, here’s a few tips to help you along…

  • Rug up – Running gloves, a beanie or buff, long compression tights (possibly of thermal density) and a long sleeve running top will make sure you are warm when you step outside the comfort of your heated house. Wearing layers on top is a good way to get started too and it’s easy enough to just peel them off and tie them around your waist as you warm up.
  • Be prepared for wet weather – Get yourself a good quality lightweight, waterproof jacket with fully taped seams. I recently outlaid a small fortune for one of these jackets as a mandatory requirement for a trail event and didn’t think I would ever use it, but there’s been a few showery mornings where it’s kept me dry and it is also very warm – a great top layer! The other thing that will protect you in the rain is a hat or visor, which will keep water out of your eyes, providing one less excuse for getting outside in the wet weather.
  • Run late – If you can arrange your schedule to suit, try and run later in the day when the temperature has risen a bit.
  • Meet friends – If you plan to meet a friend or even have a regular running group to attend, you are more likely to get yourself out the door on those freezing cold Winter mornings.
  • Plan your post-run coffee – Tuck $5 into your pocket and make a plan to finish your run at the local coffee shop and warm up with a hot beverage and a nice chat with friends.

The cold, crisp air in Winter can make it difficult to get out the door but if you make a plan to accommodate the weather change, it’s a lot easier to get out for a run and continue to train through all seasons. Enjoy breathing that coolness into your lungs, because before long that Summer humidity will be back to greet us. Happy running!

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Layer up in Winter!

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