2017 – Let’s set a goal and run!

Before I became a runner, I often thought to myself – wouldn’t it be nice to announce to the household “Oh, I’m just heading out for a run”? I never really thought I would see that day, mainly because I just didn’t know where to start. Fast forward to these past five years and I could not tell you how many times I have now announced those words to my family. So, how did I get here? The simple answer is all about goal setting, however setting the goal is one thing, achieving it is another. What do you do once you have set your sights on your next achievement?

  • Make a plan – Let’s use the obvious here and say your aim is to learn to run a consistent 5km distance non-stop.  Write down the ‘steps’ you will need to get you there – run by run, day by day, week by week – and nut out what you have to do to work towards the end. A calendar is useful here, as is a running coach 😉
  • Follow the plan – Having a plan is one thing, but actually following it is another. Look at your plan at the beginning of each new week and slot your weekly ‘steps’ into your diary. Work them into and around the rest of your life and then tick them off once they are done.
  • Make yourself accountable – Sometimes we find it hard to follow the plan by ourselves, so the next thing to do is to make yourself accountable. Tell a friend, your partner or family member about your plan and your goal, and ask them to help you on your journey towards reaching it. Hopefully they are supportive and help you, but if not, don’t lose sight of your dream, find another accountability partner and never give up until you get there!

If you would like to learn to run your first 5km non-stop, then we can help you! As experts in taking non-runners/beginners through the necessary planning and training to reach their first 5km distance run, we have not only  4 location sites in Sydney’s South and South West, but this year we are also launching our online Learn to Run Coaching group. Led  by accredited run coaches, our 10 week programs will have you running your first parkrun by April! We will write up your plan on how to get there, guide you through every step of the way and keep you on track and accountable, all within a friendly and supportive environment full of other beginners just like you. Plus this year, when you pay upfront you receive one of our Team Rachel’s Runners singlets for FREE!

Contact us now to sign up for your first 5km and run 2017 with Rachel’s Runners!

Email us – info@rachelsrunners.com

More information on our sessions including pricing and locations can be found here –





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