Winter Running Essentials

Don’t let the cold temperatures outside keep you indoors. Kit up in some warm gear and get your runs done. Here’s my top picks to get you out the door this winter.

  • Gloves – If you only have enough money to buy one thing to keep you warm during your run, make it gloves! A good pair of running gloves will stop your fingers feel like they are going to fall off. There’s nothing worse – buy the gloves!
  • Buff – My second recommendation is a head buff or beanie. Second on my list of winter running dislikes is cold ears. A buff can be worn in many ways (look up videos on YouTube), but best of all it covers your ears and keeps them toasty warm.
  • Long tights – If you are in a really cold part of the world, I suggest thermal tights, but in Australia you can get by with a good quality, thick long length tight. My faves at the moment are from local Australian company RunFaster. Pictured – Runfaster High Waist Dreamcatcher Full Leg Tights. Use code RR10 for 10% off at
  • Arm sleeves – These are great for wearing with a running singlet or t-shirt, because if you get too hot you can pull them down, and vice versa if you get cold again. I have a thermal pair made for use when cycling which are great.
  • Wind breaker – A light weight wind proof jacket is essential to protect you from the wind and any light rain. This style of jacket keeps you warm and cools you down once you start to work up a sweat.
  • Quarter socks – I usually wear low ankle socks, but in winter I prefer a quarter length pair which I can tuck under my long tights to avoid cold ankles. Pictured – Steigen Black Running Socks 1/4 Length.
  • Layer Up – On super cold mornings I suggest to layer up! To help you get out the door, it’s great to feel warm from the start. I usually wear a singlet with arm sleeves, a long sleeve winter weight running top and then the wind jacket. Once you heat up you can start to peel the layers off as necessary.

Now you know what to wear, get online or out to the shops and get geared up. Then you will have no excuses to not get out the door on those cold winter days.


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