Want to train for your first trail or road half marathon? We will show you how!

Ultra Trail Australia 2016 Pace UTA22

Thinking about doing your first Ultra Trail Australia 22km or Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon in 2018? Read on…

At Rachel’s Runners we pride ourselves in supporting beginners on their running journey. Originally starting out with a Learn to Run 5km program, we now have programs that sit either side –

• a Walk to Run group, a precursor to our Learn to Run program), and
• Running Fitness sessions held 3 times a week in different locations for those who wish to continue running once they’ve reached their 5km goal.

As our runners progress, we love to keep challenging them & helping them to reach new goals, so as a result we have developed a new program for those looking at entering Ultra Trail Australia or the SMH Half Marathon in 2018 for the first time.

* Cost is $200 & will include:

• a 20 week group training plan for either race, delivered weekly & devised by a Level 2 accredited run coach (who has run in these events),
• a small closed online group for accessing training plans & networking with others on your program
• an organised weekly ‘long run Sunday’ with the group training for your event
• discounted Running Fitness 10 session passes for the 20 weeks of the program (will cost you $150 for 10 sessions instead of $165)
• access to the fabulously supportive Rachel’s Runners closed Facebook group community
• RR discounts & special offers with our affiliated supporters

** If there is enough interest from people wishing to run in their first UTA50 event, a group training plan can be organised for this event also & with the same benefits as above.

If you wish to upgrade to a more personalised one-on-one plan with a coach, this can also be organised for an extra $10/week ($400 in total).

This is going to be a huge adventure & we can’t wait!

Registrations are now open, so please send an email to secure your place  – info@rachelsrunners.com

UTA offer

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