Meet Scarlett

Photo thanks to Molehouse Media

Scarlett or Speedy Gonscarlett (as she is known to some), may be small, but she is FAST! Keeping her running parents on their toes, Miss S enjoys nothing more than a fast lap around the track or taking on the older kids at school Cross Country carnivals! Soon to hit the State Championships for Little Athletics, she is already a star at only 8 years of age. Meet Scarlett…

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 8 years old (nearly 9) and I live with my Mum and Dad, my sister Ruby and my dog Barney. I love craft and I love to learn. I also love running and Little Athletics.

Tell us a bit about you and running – How? When? Why?

My Mum and Dad say I used to RUN everywhere when I was little! When I was 4 I started Little Athletics with my cousins in the Tiny Tots. I loved it and was very fast and used to win all my races. I have done Little Athletics every year since then. This year I qualified for the Little A’s State Championships for the under 9’s Race Walks. I also love Cross Country and parkrun.

What’s the best thing about running for you?

That it’s fun and it makes me feel happy.

What’s your favourite piece of running equipment?

My running singlets – I have lots of different ones. Some say RUN or RUN FASTER. And my Rachel’s Runners singlet.

What’s your biggest challenge with running?

Running up steep hills is hard. Rachel taught me to breathe in and out, make sure my arms are going up and down to help me get up the hill and think in my head “I can do this”.

If you could invent a running or fitness tool or toy what would it be?

A magic button I could press to make me go faster when I get tired.

Any tips for fellow runners?

Make sure your arms are going straight forward and back and not flapping around at the sides.

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