Meet Emma

You don’t need to live in Sydney to be a member of TeamRR, just ask one of our runners who joins us from Regional NSW. As this lady has shown us, all it takes is some inspiration, determination and a little bit of self-belief. Meet Emma…

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a wife and mother of 4 children. I enjoy the great outdoors, going camping and spending time with family.

Tell us a bit about you and running – How? When? Why?

I was never a runner or walker up until March 2018, when I bought myself a new pair of shoes and started out by exploring the local trails – which at the time, I thought I was crazy. None of this would’ve been possible without the help of my sister Linda Holgate who is my inspiration. I now love getting out there and having a go, even though at times I don’t like how long it takes me.

With no running background, I entered my first Half Marathon in Wagga in August of last year along with my sister, my friend Clare, my mum and a few others. It took me 3 hours and 44 minutes to complete and I was over the moon with my time! I’ve now decided to enter another 2 half marathons this year, maybe even 3, but we will see.

What’s the best thing about running for you?

Running is like mediation. It takes all my worries away and leaves me feeling in touch with myself, strong and believing I can do almost anything.

What’s your favourite piece of running equipment?

My ASICS Gel Nimbus running shoes, my 2XU gear, and now my Rachel’s Runners team singlet and buff!

What’s your biggest challenge with running?

At first, my biggest challenge was when I entered the half marathon in Wagga and I just wanted to get to the finish. Now it’s learning to run more instead of walking, while keeping my pace.

If you could invent a running or fitness tool or toy what would it be?

A bladder control tool of some description! LOL!

Any tips for fellow runners?

Believe in yourself and you will succeed!


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2 Comments on Meet Emma

  1. From the concluding picture, I remember my hike around the three sisters. Such a marvelous place! ❤

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