Meet Heather

I crossed paths with Heather in 2018, during my other role as an Event Ambassador for parkrun Australia. She is dedicated to getting out every parkrunday with her two youngest children, pushing them in a double pram or having them help out in her Run Director role. A strong and determined lady, meet Heather…

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a mum of 4 kids, a Run Director at Nepean River parkrun, my husband and older kids play baseball, and I ‘pay people’ for a living!

Tell us a bit about you and running – How? When,? Why?

I did a Pinky Tri and I couldn’t run the 2 km run leg without walking. That happened about 5 years ago, so I decided to start running more often.

What’s the best thing about running for you?

The fact that parkrun is free and accessible for all. Running enables you to make it as relaxed or as serious as you want to make it.

What’s your favourite piece of running equipment?

Definitely my sports bras! Gotta keep the ‘girls’ contained – haha!

What’s your biggest challenge with running?

Currently, it’s trying to complete my runs with a double pram!

If you could invent a running or fitness tool or toy what would it be?

A portable mini calf massager.

Any tips for fellow runners?

Join RMA! You will find plenty of friends – all with the same mum & running issues!

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