“Leading up to my 50th birthday earlier this year I decided to do something completely different and signed up to the “Learn to Run” course despite NEVER having run before in my life!

As soon as Rachel got back to me about my inquiry and explained how it worked I signed up before I changed my mind…

I was very nervous turning up for the first session thinking everyone would be younger and fitter than me and having run before, but the minute I met Rachel (and the rest of the group) I felt comfortable. There are various ages and fitness levels but the structure of the program that Rachel has designed suits everyone.

Rachel is an awesome coach! She (and the support from the rest of the group) keeps you motivated and always confident that you will achieve the end goal.

Thank you so much Rachel, as at 1 month shy of my 50th birthday I completed my first ever 5km “graduation” run….and whilst not breaking any speed records I broke all the doubts I had that I couldn’t do it.”

  • Michelle – Learn to Run Graduate, Barden Ridge

“I had been thinking about joining a running group/club for a while but I was a slow runner and most of the groups seemed to be pretty serious and competitive. I am really glad I found Rachel’s Runners. You can be any speed, fitness level or age. There’s no judgement and it’s a really welcoming group. Rachel is super nice and encouraging (without being pushy) and is just the best coach. I have gotten faster and am doing longer distances now but that doesn’t matter – I would recommend it to anyone whether you can’t run at all at the moment, you want to push yourself a bit or you want a fun group of people to run with.”

  • Elaine – Learn to Run Graduate, Barden Ridge; Running Fitness Participant

“I started running 2 months ago. Last year before this program I could run the length of 3 houses. Tonight during my run I started counting again and in 5 minutes I was able to run past 38 houses! The fact I can run for 5 minutes straight, and then over again with hardly any walking time makes me smile, and – 38 houses…a massive PB!! Thank you so much Rachel.”

  • Erin – Learn to Run Graduate, Panania

“As a soccer player my running prowess extended to 400m maximum! I was at the start of my running journey. A friend from my soccer team introduced the idea of Rachel’s Runners and as it would happen I met Rachel at a local fun run a week later.

With a bit of encouragement I started at Rachel’s ‘Learn to Run’ group the next week. I was amazed at how supportive the group was, everyone was happy to be out and running together as a team; no one was ‘too slow’ nor were they ‘not a runner’ and Rachel worked her friendly magic, running through the group chatting, getting to know everyone and offering her generous support, ever-light on her feet while I gasped for breath and tried not to die!!

From these humble beginnings I have met an amazing group of friends who I can run with whenever and wherever. We support each other through a wide range of events including waking up stupid o’clock to torture ourselves with hills, stairs and then laugh as we get ourselves lost on our adventures including well-marked courses.

One of the things I like about Rachel’s Runners is the way it provides a terrific online community that is always abuzz with running events, personal achievements, advice, support and photos of the adventures that the RR team and friends get up to together. I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to become a member of such a positive community.”

  • Punky – Learn to Run Graduate, Milperra; Team RR Community Member

“I came to Rachel’s Runners pretty much begrudgingly! I had decided to try to run, after all, it was pretty easy wasn’t it? One foot in front of the other!

Being local to the area I had a few friends, mums from school and work colleagues who all recommended Rachel highly, so I decided to give it a try. I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be my ‘thing’ and was also a bit worried I wouldn’t ‘fit in’ after all I wasn’t the stereotypical runner (not in my mind anyway!).

So what happened? I met an amazing energetic friendly woman (Rachel) who had this great group of runners who were all so welcoming; that was three years ago and I am still here. The only difference is that now many of the people I have met have become firm friends who support me through thick and thin.

I have become a runner and I run with the people I have met through Rachel’s Runners.
Running and the people I have met through this group have changed my life, my health and fitness and my sanity.

I now know to never say never!”

  • Kathy – Learn to Run Graduate, Milperra; Running Fitness Participant; Online Group Coaching Participant

“In January, I attended some of Rachel’s summer sessions which had a kid’s fitness program operating at the same time. As a busy mum of 3 sons, it was the perfect arrangement for me to still get a running session done and for my children to burn off some energy nearby with a qualified instructor.

Rachel understands that school holidays means parents have children with them, she caters for this and encourages the involvement of children in her kids fitness sessions and kids trail program.

After this I joined Rachel’s Running Fitness sessions. Rachel is friendly, positive, and encouraging. She is easy to get along with, listens and has a passion for running which she loves sharing with others.

Rachel has created a strong community of runners who support each other, enjoy their running, work hard and can’t help but adopt the belief of Rachel’s catch cry #yesyoucan

Rachel’s running sessions are structured so that everyone from beginners to more seasoned runners are provided with just the right level of instruction and guidance to have them working towards their goals, improving and achieving at every session.

Rachel is always keen to enter teams into events, encouraging her runners to be involved and try new things. Rachel’s support is evident whether she is running alongside you, supporting you from the sidelines or being there for every step of your preparation.

If you are looking for someone who is down to earth, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and welcoming then join Rachel’s Runners!”

  • Catherine – Running Fitness Participant

“When I made the decision to try running, with the plan being to get fit and lose weight I really didn’t think I could and I was certain that I wouldn’t last more than a few weeks as I was unfit and always hated running. Just over 12 months later and nothing will get in the way of my running.

I first signed up for the Rachel’s Runners Learn to Run course with the thought that if I really hated it I didn’t have to go back. Week by week I started to feel my fitness and my running improving and started to enjoy running. I completed the course and then my first non-stop 5km, but I didn’t want to stop there. I couldn’t have done this without the support and guidance of Rachel and the other runners I met along the way who are always friendly, supportive and approachable. It’s really great being supported and coached by people who have been in the same situation.

I have since continued training with Rachel’s Runners weekly Running Fitness group sessions and have entered and completed many fun runs including, Sydney Harbour Run, City2Surf, Blackmores Bridge Run, Sydney Trail Series and Coast Trek 30km to name just a few, which when completed with other Rachel’s Runners members they truly are “fun” runs.

Rachel’s Runners is more than just a running group it is a running family and has become a big part of, and has changed my life. I am now fit, healthy, active, 5kg lighter and I LOVE running.

I would highly recommend Rachel’s Runners to anyone who is thinking of getting started in running or who wants to get fit and healthy in a supportive, friendly environment.”

  • Joanne – Learn to Run Graduate, Milperra; Running Fitness Participant; Online Group Coaching Particpant


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