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We are very lucky at Rachel’s Runners to have support from many wonderful businesses, including a team of health care professionals to keep us all up and running. Please take the time to read a bit about each of our partners and what they offer our runners.




fisiocrem are the experts in providing temporary relief from muscular aches and pains so we know a thing or two about how much #hurtingsucks!

We’re dedicated to encouraging athletes and community organisations, just like Rachel’s Runners, to achieve more!

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Rachel’s Runners in 2017 and we can’t wait to see all the exciting things that the team accomplish throughout the year.

Head Coach Rachel is also proud to be a fisiocrem sponsored athlete. http://www.fisiocrem.com.au/shop/



Southside Runners (SSR)

Southside Runners is owned and staffed by a team with a passion for running. As a specialty running store based in Cronulla, SSR uses full digital gait analysis to fit customers in the right shoe for their gait. Taking into account the customer’s needs and requests, SSR take the time to ensure that the shoe will fit not just the customer’s foot, but their needs as well.

SSR have a range of shoes, apparel, recovery aids, nutrition and running accessories to help keep all runners, from beginner to professional, on track to optimising their full potential.

SSR are excited to team up with Rachel’s Runners to ensure that all members are progressing through their running journey on the right foot.

SSR are offering Rachel’s Runners members $15 off the RRP of shoes.  http://www.southsiderunners.com.au/


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RunFaster is a brand that embraces and celebrates women in all shapes and sizes. Their gorgeous collection of tights are stylish, comfortable and best of all – functional. The high waist range is designed with a super stretchy material and an extra wide waistband that sits just above the belly button providing extra core support and they won’t fall down during any activity! Perfect for both during pregnancy and beyond, they will have you looking and feeling amazing whether you’re out for a run, in the gym or chasing after the kids!

Head coach Rachel is proud to be an ambassador for RunFaster. Rachel’s Runners members recieve a 10% discount by using the code ‘RR10″ at checkout –  www.runfastergear.com.au



Lifestyle Accounting & Mortgages



Alliance Real Estate

Alliance Real Estate is an independent real estate with 2 office locations at Panania and Revesby.
Established for over 15 years, our success is based on our thorough knowledge of the local area, commitment and dedication to all our clients, real communication and an established network of contacts and buyers.
When you choose Alliance Real Estate you choose a genuine, professional and experienced team, covering all areas of real estate – selling, buying and leasing.
When you contact Alliance Real Estate ask about our ‘Rachel’s Runners Special Offer’ available when you list your home for sale or lease your investment property with us.
Phone: 9771 6115
Web: allianceaust.com.au
Email: realty@allianceaust.com.au
167 Tower Street, Panania NSW 2213
14 Marco Avenue, Revesby NSW 2212




RockTape is Australia’s number one selling brand of kinesiology tape. RockTape is manufactured in South Korea, ensuring the highest quality control, and is designed to last through any type of training or activity. RockTape comes in a huge range of colours and patterns, and three different widths, so there is bound to be a tape for everyone. But RockTape is more than a tape company, we are a movement company! Our mantra is “Go Stronger, Longer”, and this is about movement efficiency. We provide an array of mobility and rehab products to help you through your entire rehab journey. Visit http://www.rocktape.com.au for more information.

Head Coach Rachel is proud to be an ambassador for RockTape as well as a qualified ‘Rock Doc’ to assist with all your RockTaping applications.  http://www.rocktape.com.au/



Striderm Anti-Chafe

Striderm is an Australian company specialising in Skincare products that provide chafing and blister protection for active people.

With an extensive background in cosmetic product formulation, we know the functions of the various ingredients that go into making a skincare product. As active people, we also know the importance of skin protection for ongoing exercise comfort. By combining our expertise with input from our active community, we have developed a proven range of anti-chafe and anti-blister products that addresses the various needs of the user.

Our products include Striderm Anti Chafe Extreme available as a Roll On (for ease of application) and Sachet (compact and easy to carry on trail); Striderm Ultra Pace Foot Balm (enables a thicker coating on your feet and toes); Striderm WetsuitEZE Balm (facilitates a thicker coating under your wetsuit) and Striderm Sports Massage Lotion (a mild, warming lotion based on soothing aloe vera ). All Striderm products are developed and Made in Australia.

Striderm is proud to continue its relationship with Rachel’s Runners. This year, in addition to supporting Rachel as a brand ambassador, Striderm will be offering product give-aways and special promotions to members. Rachel’s Runners can use the discount code ‘RR20’ to receive 20% off all products at checkout. http://www.striderm.com.au/


Safe Lace

Safe Lace is an Australian company, based in Melbourne. The product has no fancy explanation – it’s simple – Safe Lace are silicon locks for your laces. They sit under and around your shoe laces to keep them in place and from coming undone. Safe Lace come in a multitude of colours including clear and new ‘Glow in the dark’.

The main aim of Safe Lace is to keep as many people as possible safe from tripping and frustration, no matter what industry you are in, whether it’s exercise or competitions that you are into, a safe work environment in the industrial sector or your trying to keep your children as safe as possible….Safe Lace is for you!

Running shoes, school shoes, work boots, sport shoes – Safe Lace have them all covered!

Safe Lace have been proud supporters of Rachel’s Runners since 2015. Rachel’s Runners members can use the code ‘rachelsrunners17’ at check out to buy 3 pairs of Safe Lace and receive a 4th set for free! https://www.safelace.com.au/


FITube Logo


FITube – TUCK, TURN and RUN!

FITube by Ratathletic is a running belt that won’t bounce or move. It gives you hands free running, holding your phone, your keys as well as snacks and more.

FITube have been supporting Rachel’s Runners for over two years now offering discounts to family and friends as well as prizes and awards. Simply use the code “Rachel” to receive $2 off every FITube. www.ratathletic.com.au


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